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We’ve all experienced it, creepy crawly pests inside your home! Your house should be your comfort place, and when you find unwanted insects inside, you feel as though you've lost control and suddenly you become uncomfortable in your own home. Don't lose sleep over the thought of pests in what should be your place of comfort. Learn about the various options for pest control and removal, bed bug removal services, and termite extermination in Columbia and Mid Missouri and regain control of your home from unwanted bugs.

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"We live in a wooded area and since we contacted Wingate, we have been Termite and pest free and would recommend them to anyone."

- Jessica

"Wanted to compliment an employee for his personable, great customer service yesterday. We have been your customer for many years and one of the things we appreciate most are your PEOPLE. Everyone we have had in-person or phone contact with has always been welcoming and friendly, and that is one of the things that led us to trust you. Employee is no exception. He spent a few extra minutes talking to me and getting to know him just strengthened our resolve in why we remain with Wingate. Thanks for your service, but most importantly, thanks for taking such care in selecting your team!"

- Todd

One of the largest forms of pest control in Columbia and Mid Missouri is Termite Extermination. Did you know not exterminating termites can do more damage to your home then fires, storms and earthquakes combined? Termites enter your home through cracks, joints, and even plumbing as small as 1/32 of an inch. Termite extermination inspection services should be done annually, and preventative measures can be taken to prevent and control these little mites from entering your home. In the event your home will require Termite Extermination and removal service, ensuring all of the insects are dead is very important, so they do not begin to reproduce again, so further termite extermination is not needed. Preventative measures should also be taken to prohibit the insects' return.
Just like with termites, the best way to avoid dealing with bed bugs is prevention before a removal or extermination service is ever needed. In Columbia and Mid Missouri controlling and removing pests can be difficult to do on your own without professional services. However, some ways you can control and prevent them from entering is to cover outlets, vacuum frequently, check pets for bed bugs, cutting back on clutter, and covering your mattress can all help prevent bed bugs. Unfortunately, even when you take these measures, bedbugs can still get in, especially in humid locations like Columbia and Mid-Missouri. When this happens, it’s time to call a pest control company about their removal and extermination services. When bedbugs are identified by either their droppings on a mattress or by red bites on the arms or legs of those who were in the bed, calling a pest removal services is your best course of action. Most removal service professionals use an RX heat elimination system to get the bedbugs out. The Rx heat elimination system uses multiple high power fans to spread the heat around the affected area, resulting in the removal and extermination of the insects.