Lawn Care Services


This helps reduce thatch, increasing turf rooting and the flow of water and nutrients into the soil.

Broadleaf Weed

Controls dandelions, chickweed and dozens of other broadleaf weeds.

Crabgrass Management

This service controls the invasion of crabgrass along with many other annual grasses and weeds.

Disease Control

We can suppress and prevent damage of costly lawn diseases.


We perform a customized program of both quick and slow release granular fertilizers. Proper fertilization is the basis of a beautiful lawn.

Grub Control

This is a season-long control of sub-surface feeding insects including Grubs and Bill Bug Larva.

Scarface Insect Management

For the control of surface feeding insects such as chinch bugs and webworms, you may want this service.




Which package is right for you?

  Basic Plan Premium Plan
Nuisance Insects (ticks, chiggers, fleas)  

Seasonal Services

    • Early Spring – Pre-Emergence

    • Mid-Spring – Broadleaf Control and Fertilizer

    • Early Summer – Fertilizer with Grub Control

    • Late Summer – Broadleaf Control and Fertilizer

    • Fall – Fertilizer with Lime

    • Winterizer

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We will come back in between any scheduled services to insure your lawn is healthy and address any special needs.