RX Bedbug Heat Elimination System

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We guarantee you will save thousands of dollars over any of our competitors offering the same heat treatment.

Wingate Pest Control will guarantee you full bedbug elimination with our RX Heat elimination system. While other companies offer similar treatments, Wingate will not only guarantee you elimination, we guarantee you will save many hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of our competitors using the same equipment.

Wingate will not only guarantee infested units full elimination, we will treat any adjacent units at no additional charge to help prevent future infestations.

During Wingate’s heat treatment process, minimal preparation is needed. We recommend most items remain as they are, as we want to eliminate all bedbugs wherever they are present. Wingate will install multiple high power fans to distribute the heat throughout the area being treated, and temperature will reach 125-140 degrees. Once our heat machine gets the ambient air to this temp, we hold the temp until all items in the home and area being treated reach this temp, basically turning the treatment zone into an oven. This is how we guarantee full and total elimination of all eggs, nymphs and adult bed bugs.

And with our NO EXTRA CHARGE 30-day initial guarantee, our clients can rest assured that there will be no re-infestation. Once treated, our warranty re-treat program can be extended indefinitely, guaranteeing any homeowner, managing company, business owner, or apartment complex manager, peace of mind, knowing bedbugs will not be a concern.

Commercial and Management Programs

For all apartment complexes, dorms, property management companies, retirement homes, hotels, and medical facilities, we recommend implementing our Bedbug Inspection Program. Because of the nature of these types of businesses, bedbugs have a good chance of unfortunately making their way into your property or business.

With a regular inspection program, Wingate can catch a new bedbug problem early, before it has the opportunity to spread and become a nightmare situation.

Once you join our program, we will inspect on a regularly scheduled basis, and treat as needed for a period of a year. Once on the program for a year, all bedbug heat treatments will be fully covered under the annual agreement!