What is Termidor?

Termidor is America’s #1 termite defense product, completely eliminating termite populations faster than any other termite defense product in existence.

At Wingate, we use only the best, most effective products for termite control. That’s why we are a license operator for Termidor.

No Better Choice for Termite Protection
More than 3 million homes have been treated with Termidor since its introduction in 2000. It’s the only termite defense that combines a unique mode of action, a long residual and faster results than baiting systems.

Termidor® offers many unique advantages:

  • Kills by ingestion, contact and transfer, as affected insects spread Termidor® throughout the colony before dying themselves
  • Manages colonies up to 6 times faster than bait systems
  • Most effective treatment available, based on more than 10 years of test data
  • Environmentally responsible, low-dose odorless formulation meets the stringent standards of the Food Quality Protection Act


How Does Termidor Work?

Termidor® is applied to areas in and around the home where termites can be found, and begins working immediately to defend a home against them. Because of its advanced undetectable technology, termites can’t smell, see or feel it. Consequently, they forage freely in the treated zone, ingesting Termidor® and getting it on their bodies.

Whenever a termite ingests or touches Termidor®, the termite becomes a “carrier,” transferring Termidor®to every other termite it contacts. These termites in turn become secondary carriers, transferring the treatment to every termite they contact.

Because Termidor® is slow acting, termites have ample time to spread it throughout their entire colony. This unique, spiraling process is called the “Transfer Effect™,” and it helps Termidor® deliver devastating results unmatched by any other product.

Image credit: http://www.termidor.com.au/all-about-termidor/the-transfer-effect

Our Termidor Treatment is a One-Time Application

Once we perform your Termidor® treatment, you will not even know we were present. The treatment usually takes a few hours, depending on the size of the structure. Once complete, the only thing that will be needed for at least the next 10 years is an annual inspection to ensure that there has been no new activity.

The Termidor® treatment is the number one treatment method used in the United States. It is absolutely false for any company to state or imply that barrier treatments always include drilling holes along the interior walls, uprooting the exterior landscaping, pulling carpets, destroying tile or otherwise causing structural damage. It is true that minimal interior drilling is sometimes necessary to provide complete protection against termite re-infestation. However, if a company is reputable and professional the treatment will not be intrusive or disruptive.


Getting Estimates

Be aware of companies who want to treat your home as soon as they hand you an estimate. Many companies, especially companies who promote Bait Systems, are in a race to get as many units in the ground as possible, as fast as they can.

If you have swarmers, or termites on your home, eliminating the whole infestation without local liquid treatments, by installing bait systems, can take up to two years. Waiting a few days to make a wise decision on your treatment will not cause your home any more harm.

It is our recommendation that you talk to your friends, get at least two estimates, contact the University of Missouri extension office, investigate on the Internet, and do as much research as you can before selecting a pest control company. It is in your best interest to know the facts prior to such an expense. DO NOT BE PRESSURED INTO HAVING YOUR STRUCTURE IMMEDIATELY TREATED. If they have not already, termites will not cause structural damage in a short period of time.